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Hot Pink Coffee

I run in platform heels.

20 December 1989
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I'm LisaCharly. I have this pretty here journal to document ramblings about my favorite comics, shows and characters, bitchings about miscellaneous things, occasional sort-of deep thoughts, squees about miscellaneous things, artwork and fanfics, and icons offered up for abuse. I like to think I'm a decent person. Others may disagree. And even others may disagree vehemently.

If you know me before finding this journal, it's either as Lisa Charly (Comixfan.com, NationofCrackers, Last.fm), Miss Perky (unforumzed), HotPinkCoffee (Fanfiction.net), ProjectCatastrophe (DeviantART), or in one of my RP guises, vissernone, i_sell_drugs and cuteandsomodest, mainly, though I'll admit to playing quite a few others. Feel free to e-mail me at patchyshec@yahoo.com, or talk to me as LisaCharly@mac.com on AIM.

My poetry and prose will be available at bandarikin.

Comments, criticisms, input, opinions, etcetera is always appreciated. Flames will be used to melt Barbies. And possibly re-posted for public mockery, if you're rude/amusing enough.

Talk to me about music! It is my crack and even if we disagree, I'll enjoy it.